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Pope Benedict speaks in favor of Veri Catholici


Andrea Joshua: Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus, Feb 17, 2013 A.D. CCA Licence 3.03 (Wikipedia source)

In a prayer written on June 8 of this year, but published today, November 14, 2019, the Holy Father declares himself in favor of Veri Catholici (true Catholics), using these significant words (Original in German, here; we translate from the Italian, here).

The Catholic Faith is “threatened by being being diminished, by being subjected to the standards of the world, robbing it in this manner of its greatness”, writes Benedict (on June 8, published November 14) in a prayer of three pages, written on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Diocese of Eisenstadt, Austria.

The prayer is a treatise on the First World War, the end of the Austrian Monarchy, and on St. Martin of Tours (died 397 A.D.), who was born at Szombathely, Hungary, in the then Roman Province of Pannonia, to which the Diocese of Eisenstadt now pertains.

Benedict XVI closes by saying: “Lord, help us in these hours to be and remain true Catholics!”

Seeing that our international Catholic association, whose name, Veri Catholici, means “true Catholics”, and whose members wrote to His Holiness on many occasions in the spring, recognizing him still as the one and only true Pope, on account of his invalid renunciation, we cannot ignore that these words were written in June to encourage our members in our work.

Thank you, Holy Father, for your words!

Long live the one and only true Pope!

See ppbxvi.org for more information about this.

NOTE WELL: See our Twitter account @VeriCatholici for more about this Letter, since our volunteers are fluent in German and can give more information.

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Veri Catholici calls for the Canonical Correction of the Pope

Rome, Italy: Nov. 10, 2017 A. D. — Yesterday, Veri Catholici, the International Association of Catholics who oppose the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper called upon the Roman Catholics of the Eternal City to rise up and demand the canonical correction of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Our Appeal was published in the Roman edition of « Il Giornale », one of the more important conservative newspapers of Rome.

Per la versione italiana di questo annuncio, vai a https://vericatholici.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/lettera-aperta-ai-veri-cattolici-di-roma/

Our motive in doing this was purely, principally, formally and entirely ad maiorem gloriam Dei, that is, for the greater glory of God (the motto of St. Ignatius of Loyola), in which consists the salvation of the greater number of souls.  Principally out of supernatural charity for the soul of Jorge Mario Bergoglio on account of the very deep errors into which he has fallen on account of his monstrous pride.

As can be seen from our official English text of our Open Letter to the true Catholics of Rome, published here below, we have chosen to speak in the apocalyptic language of the Apostle St. Paul, our Patron, to make it clear to all Catholics the true theological vision which must be employed when considering the grave crisis into which the Cardinals have led the Church on account of what they did and failed to do during the Conclave of 2013.

We shave chosen this sharp apocalyptic and prophetic language because as it sometimes happens, when a soul falls into the most horrid errors and is attached to them with an unnatural loyalty, the only remedy left as a final medicine is a severe and sharp reprimand, reproval and remonstration.  To all Catholics who have knowledge of the errors of Bergoglio, but who have failed to call for his Canonical Correction — the last chance he may have to be saved and retain the office of the Supreme Pontificate — we direct our appeal to act! so as to avoid being stained by his same errors and sharing thus in the horrible and eternal destiny which awaits all enemies of Christ Jesus, the One Master of All and the Eternal Truth of God!

Here is the text of our advertisement, in our official English translation.

Open Letter to the true Catholics of Rome, calling for the Canonical Correction of Jorge Mario Bergoglio — Published on the Feast of St John Lateran, Nov. 9, 2017 A. D. (Official English version)

The cost of the Italian advertisement was borne entirely by the members of our Association world-wide. If you would like to make a donation so that we can republish the Open Letter at Rome and throughout Italy in local newspapers, please make a generous donation via PayPal by pressing the PayPal button at the top of the right column of this website. — Please be generous. We are willing to organize a lobbying effort of the Cardinals, but we cannot do it without you! Ask yourself, how much the salvation of all souls until the end of time is worth to you and to Jesus! — For the errors of Bergoglio are leading hundreds of millions of Catholics into the Church of the Anti-Christ!

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Open Letter to the Bishops of Malta

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Veri Catholici, the International Association of Catholics for the Defense of the Faith against the Errors of Cardinal Kasper, published in the Times of Malta Newspaper, on p. 29, an Open Letter to the Bishops of Malta and Gozo regarding their recent pastoral document, in which they have openly approved of communion for those living in public sin.

The Republic of Malta, one of the smallest Nation States of the European Union, is a Republic consisting of numerous islands, the largest two of which are Malta and Gozo. The Archbishop of Malta is Msgr. Charles Jude Scicluna, a native of Canada; the Bishop of Gozo is Msgr. Mario Grech, a native Maltese.  The Archbishop, like all the principal members of “Team Bergoglio”, traces his episcopal lineage back to the notorious Mariano Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro, rival of Pope St. Pius X in the Conclave of 1903.

The actual text of the Open Letter is as follows, in jpg format, for proof the advertisement was published in the Times of Malta, click on the image to see the full page:

Layout 1

Those wishing to sign the open Letter may do so by leaving a comment below this post, indicating their name, and the town in the Republic of Malta, where they reside. If you reside outside of Malta, please mention also your nation.

If you wish to help with the costs of running the Advertisement in the Maltese Paper, please use our PayPal Button in the Right column of this page. Thank you! — Note: now that the Advertisement has been published, on page 29 of the Wednesday, Jan. 25th edition of the Times of Malta, we encourage all to  purchase a copy.


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