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Open Letter to Princes, Heads of State and Governments of the World


(Here is the text of a draft letter which anyone, who supports Pope Benedict XVI, can sign and send to anyone they believe might be able to obtain his restoration to power, or recognition by a civil government.  In past ages, the Catholic Laity were instrumental in shifting allegiances of entire nations and kingdoms away from Antipopes and back to the true Pope. This is our solemn duty to Jesus Christ in the present hour. The very salvation and continued existence of the Catholic Church depends on us!)

Use a salutation appropriate to the dignity of the person to whom you write:

I am writing to you to plead with you out of her love of Jesus Christ to take action to put an end to the current confusion in Rome, wherein we have two men who are called “Pope” , a situation which arose by the violation of canon law in the terms of canon 332.2. Specifically the resignation of the Holy Father was invalid according to canon law, in that he did not renounce the office of the pope, but only the petrine ministry, as he wrote in the act of renunciation.

In view of  this error, we must recall that adhesion to the will of Jesus Christ in His promise to Peter binds us immediately and directly, before all human respect for superiors, and that no one, not even a pope in renouncing, can violate the papal law on renunciations.

To describe briefly the reason for the canonical invalidity see this article {Include here a link to one of the articles at ppbxvi.org or vericatholici.wordpress.com which are in the native language of the person to whom you write}

I enclose with this letter also the full text of the article, which appears online at [cite either website’s domain name from its original source]  explaining in detail the reasons why the Holy Father’s resignation was indeed canonically invalid.

I am a member of Veri Catholici, an international Association working for the correcting of this grave canonical problem, the consequence of which there is so much chaos, heresy and open apostasy in the Church.

If you want any further explanation, I urge you to read http://ppbxvi.org or if you wish, request a meeting with a delegation of our Association by contacting me at my personal address, and I will communicate with HQ to make it happen.

As canon 212 declares, we laity have the right to inform our superiors of problems, especially when they are grave and public.  And there is nothing so grave and so public as this.

Out of your love and respect for His Holiness Pope Benedict, I urge you to speak to Bishops, Cardinals and others on this grave matter,  because the greatest love is found not in respecting someone in his error, but in correcting him in it.

Yours faithfuly etc

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