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#ALConf — International Conference to condemn ‘Amoris Laetitia’: June 25th

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“How are they of the Catholic Church, who have shaken off the Apostolic faith, and become authors of fresh evils?”
— St. Athanasius, Discourses Against the Arians, Discorse I, 4

A Pilgrimage of Grace & Mercy

Rome, May 2, 2016 A.D.Veri Catholici, announces that it will hold a Conference/Manifestation in Rome, on Saturday June 25th to condemn the errors contained in the papal document, Amoris Laetitia, and demand in the name of all that is holy and true in the Catholic Religion, that the document be rescinded and that its authors and supporters repent publicly and undo the scandal they have caused.

Veri Catholici, an international association of Catholics dedicated to opposing the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper, is calling on all Catholics in the world to join us in Rome to condemn the document Amoris Laetitia and its many errors, and to demand from the Pope and Sacred Hierarchy that the document be withdrawn and its errors condemned, formally and canonically.

We intend this conference to be a universal manifestation of the true Sensus Fidelium of Christ’s Mystical Body. We believe it absolutely necessary to take this initiative for the good of Holy Mother Church and the salvation of souls.

The official Twitter Hashtage for this Conference is #ALConf

The Official Name of this Conference is “A Pilgrimage of Grace & Mercy“.

NOTE: This conference, which will be FREE to all who attend, will cost several thousand dollars, THEREFORE, if you can help us out, make a donation using our PayPal link to the right of this page. Thanks.

If you can translate this notice into any 1 of the languages listed on the top of this page, please post it in the comment section so that we can provide this information to the Catholics of all nations.


Who is Veri Catholici?

We are an informal association of Catholics from around the world, who currently number 1350 members. You can become a member by following our webpage or liking us on FB. You can show your membership by displaying our official Logo on your blog or website or twitter header. We have no president or officers. We are truly a lay organization of sheep.

So who are we? We are nobodies, yes, but nobodies who have been adopted as children of the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Thankful and grateful, and zealous to remain such in the present crisis.

Where in the City will this Conference take place?

We will announce the venue about 2 weeks in advance. If the numbers of those intending to attend are great, we may change the venue or location of the event to accommodate everyone. We will tentatively begin the meeting at 9 AM, but if great numbers attend, and we are forced to hold this event outdoors, this may change, to avoid standing under the summer Sun of Rome.

What format with the Conference have?

Most conferences have important or famous people speak, and one attends the conference to hear them and meet them in person. They are organized for many various reasons but have a temporal or earthly motive mixed in.

The Conference to condemn Amoris Laetitia and its errors is not like this. Any Baptized Catholic who sees any specific error or heresy, or blasphemy or problem in Amoris Laetitia and is present in person can speak,* as an adopted son of God — indeed there is no title more important in this world — the reason for attending and speaking is the same, to make an act of faith before the Pope and the Sacred Hierarchy and the whole world to counter the scandal of that document and to call on the Pope and the Hierarchy to reject its errors, to rescind it and to take a stand against it as a sign to the whole Catholic world that they are still Catholic.

As laymen, it is our right to demand that our pastors be faithful, teach rightly and in times of grave scandal give by their words and actions a sign that they have not apostatized or separated from Christ Jesus.

Its not a conference to condemn persons, the formal canonical judgement of the Church on this document and on those responsible for it or who are now promoting it, pertains to the Sacred Hierarchy. We call for this, but as laymen we can do nothing more than that, giving our reasons why.

Tentative Schedule during the Event

Introduction of Event by Veri Catholici Organizers

Reading of certain Public Petitions published during the Pontificate of Pope Francis

Introductions of Speakers

Speakers on the problems with Amoris Laetitia

Reading of the Resolution calling For the errors to be condemned

Vote on the Resolution to condemn the errors

Reading of the Resolution calling for the Condemnation of the Document

Vote on the Resolution to condemn the document

Reading of the Resolution demanding the Pope to rescind the Document

Vote on the Resolution to rescind the document

Reading of the Petition to the Pope and Supporters of the Document to repent and repair the Scandal

Reading of the Petition to the Sacred Hierarchy to formally condemn the errors, canonically

Vote on the Final 2 Petitions

Concluding Remarks

What you cannot do at the Event

There is not permitted the sale or distribution of anything in a public place at Rome, without permission of the civil authorities. Anyone doing this at our Event will be ushered out of the reserved area.

We will not be offering food and refreshments at this event. So If you have need of these things, during a long conference or public manifestation, bring them on your own. If the venue is outdoors, bring what you need for the occasion, as public places in Rome offer no seating arrangements other than sitting on the ground.

Format for Speakers’ Submissions

For the sake of the smooth running of the event, we ask that all those who will attend in person and who wish to speak, submit their talks in written format 2 weeks before the event.

Submissions must be by Email, and must have this following format or it will not be accepted!

TO: veri . catholici @ g mail . com  (without the spaces)

SUBJECT:  #ALConf – Intervention AL # (Paragraphs of Document Containing error)

CONTENT:  1-15 minutes (note that if there are a great number of speakers, each talk will be limited to 3 minutes, so if your talk exceeds 3 minutes, prepare a shortened version of it)*

LANGUAGE:  Your talk can be in Any Language BUT it will be only accepted if you provide an English or  Italian Translation!

Rules for submission:  Your talk cannot contain any calumny or libel of anyone, as it is a crime in Italy to calumniate others in public. If your prepared talk has anything of this kind, it will not be selected and you will not be invited to speak. If while speaking you do calumniate anyone, your talk will be interrupted and you will be asked to leave the podium.

Nota Bene: In your talk you will not have to introduce yourself, the Moderator will do that.

– – –

Suggested format of an intervention or talk:

Start by faithfully quoting the official text of the Document in any 1 of the official translations!

  1. Then, Say what it says, say what it does not say.
  2. Say what it allows itself to be understood to signify, on account of what it says and does not say.
  3. Say what is wrong with it.
  4. Say the Catholic truth which should be said instead of it.
  5. Tell the consequences of the error which will break out in the Church if it is not corrected.
  6. Show how it is in conflict with Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition or the perennial Magisterium of the Church, the teachings of the Saints, the natural law or common sense.
  7. If it appears to you deceitful or disingenuous or to contain factually incorrect affirmations, say so and say why.
  8. Summarize.
  9. And Conclude with a formal request to those attending that this error or these errors be condemned.

Remember:  The purpose of this Event is to condemn errors, blasphemies, sins, heresies, deficiencies, deceits, ambiguities.  Its a work of Mercy will will call on the guilty to repent. Insults and calumnies will not be tolerated since they are contrary to the act of charity which this Conference intends to be. So write and come in this spirit, to work a great work of Mercy!

Nota Bene: Veri Catholici is not offering any reimbursement for speaking at the Event. If you speak, you speak out of love for Christ and His Church. Expect your recompense in Heaven! As all who are working on this Conference are doing!

* Obviously, if there are great numbers of faithful present, we will for the sake of time, have to limit each of them to small interventions regarding 1 specific error of their choice etc..


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