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How and why Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation is invalid by the law itself


Here we offer a calm reasoned canonical argument for the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s resignation, for any Catholic who wants to know the truth.

Why should any Catholic defend the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation?

Are we obliged by canon law to do so? —No.

Is it a sin not to do so when there is evidence that it is invalid? — No.

Is there a presumption of law that it is valid? — No.

Is there evidence that it was invalid? — Yes.

Why is Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation invalid?

To understand this, lets us refer to the original texts of the resignation and Canon Law:

Here is the text of the renunciation in the Latin original:

Quapropter bene conscius ponderis huius actus plena libertate declaro me ministerio Episcopi Romae, Successoris Sancti Petri, mihi per manus Cardinalium die 19 aprilis MMV commisso renuntiare…

What are the requirements for a valid Papal resignation? — These are found in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, Canon 332 §2;

§ 2. Si contingat ut Romanus Pontifex muneri suo renuntiet, ad validitatem requiritur ut renuntiatio libere fiat et rite manifestetur, non vero ut a quopiam acceptetur.

What is the first condition or requirement, then, according to Canon 332 §2 for a valid papal resignation? — That it happens that the Roman Pontiff renounce his munus (muneri suo renuntiet).

Does the text of Pope Benedict renounce the munus? — No, it says clearly declaro me ministerio … renuntiare.

If the renunciation does not regard the munus, does canon 332 §2 even apply? — Yes and no.  Yes, because since it does not fulfill the condition of a resignation within the term (in this case, munus) of Canon 332 §2, its not valid.  And no, inasmuch as being a juridic act which is outside the terms of Canon 332 §2 it does not regard a papal resignation, but merely a retirement from active ministry.

Can the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI be construed as valid?

Some say and seem to hold, that a Pope can resign his munus by resigning his ministerium. Is that a valid argument? — It is not, because its not a matter of mere assertion, the Law itself must declare it. Remember, there can be no innovation in Church Law without a positive act of a competent superior.

But is not the act of the resignation a juridic act which establishes a new way of resigning? — No. Juridical acts are not tyrannical acts, they cannot justify themselves, but must be in accord with Church Law. This is because as Vatican I declared, even the Pope has no authority to invent novelties.

But if one were to sustain that ministerium can supposit or be understood as munus, how would he have to prove it? — As canon 17 declares, when there is a doubt as to the signification of the law, one must have recourse to other parts of the law, and if there is no clarity there, then to the mind of the legislator.

Does the Code of Canon Law sanction the supposition of ministerium for munus? — No. In no part of the Code is a ministerium ever said to be a munus, or a munus to be a ministerium.  In fact, according to Canon 17, you must accept the definitions of terms contained in the Code itself as the AUTHENTIC expression of the Mind of the Legislator (Pope John Paul II) in promulgating the code of Canon Law.  Now in canon 145 §1, the Code defines every ecclesiastical office (officium) as a munus, not a ministerium!

What about canonical tradition, does it require a renunciation of munus for a valid resignation of papal office? — Yes, this is clear. Because in all previous renunciations there is not only a mention of munus (or its synonyms: onus, honor, dignitas, or proper names: papatus or episcopatus) but there is also no mention of ministerium. Nor is there any canonical tradition that one can suppose terms which do not mean munus according to canonical tradition for munus. The pope is not the creator or inventor of language or linguistic forms of signification, otherwise nothing would be certain or objective in the Church. Nay, as canon 38 says, if a Pope acts in any way contrary to the terms of Canon 332 §2, his act is only valid if he expressly mentions his intent to act with a derogation of its terms.

If both the text of the Code of Canon Law and canonical tradition require the mention of munus in a papal resignation, then in virtue of Canon 17, do those who claim Benedict’s renunciation of ministerium is valid, have any ground to stand upon? — No, none at all.

Then, must all Catholics recognize that in virtue of the law itself, the resignation is invalid? — Yes.

Does not the fact that the Cardinals all act as if it were valid, mean anything? — No, because according to canon 332 §2, even if the whole world held it to be valid, if it does not meet the conditions of Canon 332 §2, it is not valid. There is no wiggle room here.

But does not the very fact a Conclave was held in March of 2013 to elect a new pope make the resignation of Benedict XVI valid? Does not his tacit consent to this make it valid? — No on both accounts. First of all, because nothing makes a resignation valid except its conformity to canon 332 §2. Second, because by Divine Institution, the Petrine Munus cannot be shared by more than one individual. Ergo, if Benedict did not renounce it, he retains it. If he retains it, its contrary to divine law to elect another pope so long as he lives. And in his act of renunciation he never ordered a Conclave to be called in his lifetime. That he consented to such a thing may be either because of fear or of substantial error as regards what is necessary to resign his office. If it is fear, it does not make it valid. If he is in substantial error, then in accord with Canon 188, its expressly invalid by the law itself.

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Dear Cardinals and Bishops, let me explain to you the nature and effect of Substantial error in Benedict’s Feb 11, 2013 declaration

The Magisterial Discourse of Anne Barnhardt on the current Crisis in the Church.

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A Second Synod of Sutri


Both the salvation of souls and the protection of children require that the Catholic Church’s credibility be not damaged by being governed by men involved in abuse and its coverup. For that reason, the Church has a right to remove all such corrupt clerics even the Pope!

Now since no council is superior in authority to the Successor of Saint Peter, no pope can be removed for office for being the Pope. However, as regards the man who is pope, the Church does have the right and obligation to judge whether his claim to the office is valid. The canonical precedent for this occurred in Anno Domini 1046; it was called the Synod of Sutri. (For discussion, see “Yes, a Pope can be deposed”).

All the more reason, today, since Christ instituted Sacred Orders to be a ministerial service to all those who believed in His Name. On this account, it is by Divine Institution, that there exists a correlative right of the Church to remove from office those men who on account of their gross corruption or moral depravity, endanger the faithful or pose an existential threat to the credibility of the whole Church in fulfilling Her Mission of preaching the Gospel of Salvation to all mankind.  The Church often does this by a penal sanction, such as degredation from office. But She can also do this if the cleric has lost his office by heresy or obtained it illicitly. And as far as Jorge Mario Bergoglio is concerned, there are 7 reasons by which his claim to the office of Pope might not be valid.

For this reason, on account of the multitude of events which point to the utter moral corruption of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, « Veri Catholici », the international Association for the promotion of the Catholic Faith against the errors of Cardinal Kaser, announces its intention to invite the Clergy of Rome to a Second Synod of Sutri.

For this purpose we intend to place an advertisement in a major Newspaper at Rome inviting all the Clergy of that Diocese to a Synod to judge whether Bergoglio still has a valid claim to office or whether he should be deposed for corruption, after the manner of the Synod of Sutri, in 1046 A.D..

To do this, we need to raise about 5000 Euros, which will go exclusively to the advertisement and rental of the place for the Synod. This Synod will have canonical effect inasmuch as the Clergy of Rome attend and vote. No more.

To help us achieve this great and holy work, please make a generous donation at by pressing the PayPal Button in the right column.

If the Synod declares Bergoglio deposed, on any account, and he refuses to resign and/or quit the Vatican City Territory, we will seek from the Italian Government a Bill in Parliament recognizing the canonical validity of the declaration and seeking his removal from the Vatican by Italian Armed Forces, on the grounds that he cannot claim the rights accorded to the Apostolic See in the Lateran Pact and subsequent treaties.


St Hildebrand, who attended and accepted the decisions of the First Synod of Sutri in 1046, as secretary to Gregory VI.

This initiative is motivated by the good of the Church, the salvation of souls and above all to defend the Divine Majesty of the Most Holy Trinity from the now patent malign intentions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The Canonical precedent is the Synod of Sutri, which precedent has force from this, that the Code of Canon Law establishes nothing regarding canonical complaints which regard the question of the validity of the claim of the person, who is ostensibly Pope, to that office. There also being no tribunal established in the Code to hear such cases, the jurisdiction of such a right returns by historic and divine right to the clergy of the Diocese of Rome, the clergy of whom would be the judges of the Tribunal in such a decision. (Here, by “validity of claim”, we refer not specifically to the results of the Conclave of 2013, but to the question whether the one who appears to hold office, in fact does currently hold it).

At such a Synod, there will be at least 7 charges brought up for discussion and vote.  On each charge, the accused through his designated representative(s) or in person, will be given opportunity to respond:

  1. Whether Benedict XVI’s resignation only conferred upon the victor of the 2013 Conclave the ministerium, not the munus of the Petrine Office? — For if this be the case, Benedict XVI is still the Pope and Bergoglio is merely his Vicar extraordinaire.
  2. Whether the St Gallen Mafia are a schismatic sect, and thus not members of the Catholic Church (Canon 194. §1)? — For if this is the case Bergoglio cannot hold any office in the Church.
  3. Whether Universi Dominici Gregis n. 81, was clearly violated at the 2013 Conclave? — If this be the case, the College of Cardinals must declare the 2013 Conclave unfinished, and proceed to the election of a successor to Benedict XVI.
  4. Whether the heresies contained in Amoris Laetitia, or in the personal statements denying the existence of a Hell for the damned, or of the admissibility of capital punishment, deprive Bergoglio of office ipso facto (Canon 194. §1) ? — And if this is the case, Bergoglio from the moment he pertinaciously asserted each heresy, lost his membership in the Catholic Church and all offices in it.
  5. Whether the corruption manifested by the Letter of Archbishop Viganò demonstrates sufficiently that Bergoglio is involved in an immoral conspiracy against the Catholic Church? — If this is the case, he is a schismatic, and cannot hold any office in the Church.
  6. Whether his request to Chinese Catholic Bishops to resign their sees so that they may be filled by those named by the Communist Government merits him excommunication as a schismatic, not only for his violation of the precepts of the Apostolic See against lay investiture, but on account of its attack on the Mystical Body of Christ, which by such means would be made subject to heretics and schismatics. — If this be the case, he can hold no office in the Church.
  7. Whether his personal promotion of the reception of the Sacraments by public sinners merits him ipso facto the excommunication latae sententiae imposed by the Council of Trent in Session XIII, cannon 11. — If this be the case, he is deprived of every office in the Church.

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Join us in petitioning Bishops to rebuke Bergoglio for his heresy on Capital Punishment

Following the horrific betrayal of Jesus Christ by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who at the beginning of this month attempted to alter the Catholic Faith by means of an emendation of the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church — and act which of itself is both heretical and pertinacious:  heretical, because it is a dogma of the faith to be held by all Catholics until the end of time, that God has entrusted to temporal powers with full jurisdiction, the authority to impose capital punishment upon the wicked in due circumstances (a doctrine clearly taught in Genesis 9:6, John 19:11 and Romans 13:4, and explicitly enunciated at the Council of Trent) — we have begun a petition drive to the Sacred Hierarchy to have Bergoglio publicly reproved and reprimanded, so that he may be given the canonical right to disavow and publicly recant his heresy, before being formally pronounced, by the Church, as a heretic and outside the Church.

The teaching of the Infallible, Sacrosanct and Holy Ecumenical and First Council of the Vatican clearly prevents Bergoglio from altering the Catholic Faith. This can be seen from a textual examination of its decrees, which we have summarized in this tweet (click on it to see the entire thread of citations and link to original decrees in English translation):

Since the Catholic Faith is the greatest treasure of mankind, and since being redeemed and saved by Jesus Christ and made members of the Catholic Church by His Divine Providence, we are each and entirely bound to show unbending and unflinching loyalty to Him and His Magisterium, and to hold fast in charity and faith and hope to the bonds of ecclesiastical unity, we are each and all bound gravely to petition our Bishops for a public reproof or condemnation of Bergoglio’s treachery. We must do this to save the Church from perfidy, from abandoning the clear teaching of God approving Capital Punishment. We must do this to save the Catholic Church for future generations! We must do this to save billions of souls from damnation for disagreeing with God on capital punishment!

Our small effort, therefore, begins with electronic petitions, since these are most rapid and cost no one anything to participate in. If the nearly 2700 followers of this website join it, we can make our voices heard to each of the Bishops and Cardinals we petition. While we have not chose them all, nor are all of them on twitter, the ones we have chosen are recommended as inclined to have the courage to act if there is sufficient public support.

You can write the Cardinals and Bishops of the Church by letter, call them by phone, visit them in person or re-tweet our online petitions to individual bishops. While our tweets are not directed to all the Bishops, you can nevertheless profit from the facility of joining in our petition to them by simply retweeting them on Twitter.

Here is a list of them:

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(Republished, here, with permission of the authors)


Dr. G.J.M. van den Aardweg
Borgerweg 1 – 2111 CG Aerdenhout

Prof. Dr. Ir. W.J. Witteman
D.Nijhoffstr. 14 -7552 GR Hengelo

Aerdenhout/Hengelo, 4.4.2018


Mgr. Dr. Aldo Cavalli
Apostolic Nuncio
Carnegielaan 5
2517 KH ‘sGravenhage


Your Excellency,

Enclosed we send you, as representatives of a group of Dutch Catholics, a motivated Petition to the Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops of the Netherlands, consisting of three concrete requests.

We have limited the group of signatories, but it is clear to us that many orthodox Catholics support this initiative, among them many priests.

As you may notice, these requests are in line with several international initiatives such as the Polish action (with over 140.000 signatories), and, for instance, the call on the faithful in the U.S. by the Editor in Chief of Catholic World News, Mr. Lawler, to adress their Bishops with similar requests. The fact that we had the present requests ready before the above initiatives were made public, illustrates that the need inspiring this Petition is an international Catholic reality.

Fortunately, some recent clarifying statements by His Eminence Cardinal Eijk are clearly commensurate with this Petition; but given the actual situation in the Church, we hope that in continuation of them the Dutch Bishops will take the necessary further steps to protect orthodoxy and the faithful alike.

In principle. we consider this Petition as an Open Letter, for it s is not about accidental but essential questions which directly concern all Catholics. Therefore, we intend to make this piece public within shortly.

We hope the Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops will agree with the view underlying this Petition and not take its three concretized requests as criticism, but as support for their actions.

With all due respect,

on behalf of the signatories,

Dr. G.J.M. van den Aardweg                              Prof. Dr. Ir. W.J. Witteman

+ + +


 I – Introduction

Eminence, Excellencies,

Until a few years it seemed inconceivable, but in recent years we are stunned to find that the Vatican, under the pontificate of Pope Francis, has taken a path that has touched the essence of the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality that must be called a road of degradation.

Initially one could try to condone the dubious statements and measures of the Pope himself or of his assistants, in the expectation that the mistakes or slips would be of a temporary nature and would be adjusted again. Now this is no longer possible. There is too much that cannot remain uncontradicted, there is too much division and uncertainty created.

A keyword-wise reminder of some questionable matters:

  • The Vatican representation as if a consent to the scientifically unfounded and morally dangerous climate theory of the United Nations is a religious duty;
  • The manipulated report on the 2014 Episcopal Synod in Rome, towards liberalization of divorce and recognition of homosexual relationships;
  • The paragraphs in the encyclical Amoris Laetitia, in which an opening is made for valid married couples in a new relationship to receive Holy Communion without fulfilling the required conditions, and in which the principle that the subjective conscientious conviction can be above the known law of God;
  • The persistent refusal of the Pope to provide the (correct & Catholic) clarification to the cardinals and others who have presented their “Dubia” respectfully and with strength of arguments – and the ignoring of the serious objections of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (cardinal Müller);
  • The papal fiat to the bishops of Argentina, Germany, and Malta, who use the disputed paragraphs in the liberal sense in which they are intended;
  • Honours to radical feminist abortion activists (including the Dutch scandal-Ploumen and its negligent treatment afterwards);
  • The appointment inside and outside the Vatican of persons who reject Humanae Vitae or are even pro-abortion, and of advisors and bishops in different parts of the world who openly advocate recognition of homosexual relationships;
  • The questionable attitude of a committee that “needs to re-examine Humanae Vitae”; the likely preparations for the elimination of the general priestly celibacy; probably making it possible to discuss “female deacons”;
  • The misplaced Luther worship and the denial of the need to strive for the conversion of Protestants, schismatics and even Muslims;
  • Looking away and trivializing the danger of Islam; to propose Islam as an innocent, humanitarian religion – we are of course not talking about the individual Muslim – and the neglect of Islam persecuted by Islam and of Christians who fled Islam;
  • The delivery of Catholic bishops and 60 million believers in China to the Communist State, which can become one of the most serious scandals in the history of the Vatican.

These things are interconnected. The common thread running through it is roughly that of Modernism and Protestantism. Half a century ago we have experienced in the Netherlands how these errors have largely destroyed our once vital Church. But after consolidation and careful restoration under the pontificate of the previous Popes, the ideas and claims of the dissident theologians and their followers of the sixties now come to us from the Vatican itself. We therefore have no illusions as where this will lead to.

II – Three requests to the Dutch bishops

Eminence, Excellencies,

1.  The priests and lay faithful for whom You bear responsibility as Bishops may rightly appeal to You at this moment of confusion and insecurity to lead them through an unambiguous, faithful position and education and to protect them from the errors in doctrine and practice that now get the chance.

With all due respect, we ask you to speak out:

-for integral enforcement of Humanae Vitae;

-for maintaining the doctrine and practice with regard to receiving Holy Communion by validly married divorced persons in a new relationship;

-for maintaining the moral doctrine concerning homosexual relationships;

-for maintaining the canons and decrees of the Council of Trent, in the wake of Vatican II (Lumen Gentium); especially for maintaining the doctrine about the supremacy of the Law of God over the subjective conscience.

In concreto, we summarize these separate requests in a single, straightforward request:

Would you like to express your loyalty to and uphold the doctrinal writings of the previous popes: Blessed Paul VI, St. John Paul II, and Benedict XVI?

2. In addition, we ask you, who as Bishops are the first appointed in the Church who, in imitation of St. Paul, can warn a Pope and / or other supreme authorities for serious mistakes and, if necessary, to correct them according to the procedures that are in place; to join those sincere and courageous prelates in the World Church who have addressed the Pope in the right way.

In concrete terms, we ask you:

Do you want to join the request for the correct clarification of the controversial passages in Amoris Laetitia, as directed to the Pope by the initiators of this “Dubia”, the cardinals Caffarra, Burke, Meissner, and Brandmüller?

Of course we hope that the Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops of the Netherlands will unanimously make such a gesture. If this does not happen, our request will apply to each Bishop and Co-adjutor Bishop separately, as the responsible authority in his own diocese.


3. Thirdly, we ask your attention for the urgent need of the Church in China:

Do you want to make an effort to keep the Vatican from delivering the Church to the communist regime, against the urgent pleas of those who really know what this will mean? Do you want to support Cardinal Zen openly?

Thank you for your attention, and with all the respect we owe you,


Dr. H.F. Boon, Hengelo

H. Bos, Ede

Drs.  B.J. Bruggeling, Oldenzaal

Pastoor J.M. de Hommel, H. Landstichting.

Mr. C. de Kiefte, den Haag

Prof. H.C.M. de Swart, Tilburg

H. Huyskens, Ommen

Mr. drs. H.H.M. Jansen, Nederweert

Ing. A.J. Kors, Wassenaar

Ir. N.J.M. Kuipers, Delden

A.P.M. Meijknecht, Leeuwarden

Pastoor C. Mennen, lic., Vlijmen

Drs. Y.J.J. Postma, Leeuwarden

H. J. Rijkers, oud-hoofdredacteur KN, Malden

Dr. J. Schins, Amsterdam

Dr. G.J.M. van den Aardweg, Aerdenhout

H. van Winden, H. Landstichting

Drs. K.P. Wiecherink, Markelo

Prof. Dr. Ir. W.J. Witteman, Hengelo



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The Time has come to convene an “imperfect” Synod!

Rome, Dec. 3, 2017 A. D. — With the publication of the recent edition of the Acta Apostolica Sedis, in which documents are included which attempt to exalt the personal heresy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who denies the Apostolic Tradition concerning the discipline of the Sacraments, the time has come to convene a Synod to issue a formal canonical correction of the Pope, warning him in Evangelical and Apocalyptic terms, that if he does not renounce his error, he must be considered by the whole Church as self-deposed from the office of Peter.

Such a Synod will be, in technical scholastic terms, an “imperfect” Synod, because it will be convened by the authority of the Apostolic College without reference to the authority of the office of the Vicar of Christ, who in the present circumstances cannot be appealed to, on the grounds of a conflict of interest.

The correction to be given will however be canonical in the proper sense, because though no one but a proper ordinary can given a canonical correction, when he who holds the supreme office has manifestly and pertinaciously abandoned the Catholic Faith, it remains in virtue of the principal of subsidiarity, that if there be no other earthly authority, that the individual as a private person be corrected by the Church Herself, who is not bereft of the Apostolic Authority merely because of a de facto sede vacante.

Since the Church is a visible society and since She is bound above all by the law of charity and the salvation of souls, it remains a grave obligation of the Sacred Hierarchy in these present and extreme circumstances to seek the salvation of the soul of Jorge Bergoglio and the unity of the Church, by seeking his public refutation of his errors and the renunciation of his heresies.  Failing that, the Church will be torn with schism, with many souls following the great stumbling block placed before them in the words of Cardinal Parolin, who in the AAS claims the private letter of the Pope an the Argentine Bishop is “magisterium authenticum”.

We as Catholics, however, ever holding to the perennial magisterium, the Apostolic Tradition and the Divine Teaching of Our Lord and Master, recognize that no teaching of the Roman Pontiff is magisterium authenticum on account of an external declaration, by whomsoever, that it has this character, but that it is only such when from its internal content it adheres harmoniously and conformably with the Deposit of the Faith!

Therefore what Pope Francis has done in ordering these documents published in the AAS and what Cardinal Parolin has done in issuing his own maliciously false statement must be judged by all true Catholics as manifest acts of pertinacious heretical adhesion to the denial of the Apostolic Tradition, which, in fidelity to Christ Jesus, who declared: “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6), has ever taught that the Sacraments must be denied to the impenitent and that the Sacred ministers of the Sacraments must deny them in public to those who live in public sin.

Our Association, dedicated to opposing the errors and heresies of Cardinal Kasper has opposed the errors of Bergoglio from its inception in 2015. We remain committed to this course and therefore solicit the assistance of all to make this imperfect Synod a reality.

We therefore implore all faithful Catholics to urge with the greatest clarity and insistence that the Bishops and Cardinals convene such a Synod and do so at the very first opportunity!

There is no more time left for those who sit on the fence, with those who for the sake of human respect or custom refuse to act out of divine charity and faith, for the salvation of souls, in particular for that of Bergoglio, and for the unity of the Church!

This is not the time to think of your career, your personal reputation, your job, your blog, your website, your ecclesiastical office, etc.. The matter is apocalyptic in every true sense of the word!  Do not by your inaction let yourself be counted among those stars of heaven which were cast down by the tail of the dragon! (Apocalypse 12:4)

Finally, while from the point of view of strict legality, we hold that it is right that Bergoglio not be denied the 3 fold public remonstration due him by canonical tradition, due to the gravity of the crisis we are of the opinion that Catholics may now act as if the Papacy is vacant and that Bergoglio is outside the church as a contumacious and pertinacious heretic, on account of what he ordered published in the Acta Apostolica Sedis, if they but work for the convention of the imperfect Synod out of the motives we have enumerated here above.

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Veri Catholici calls for the Canonical Correction of the Pope

Rome, Italy: Nov. 10, 2017 A. D. — Yesterday, Veri Catholici, the International Association of Catholics who oppose the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper called upon the Roman Catholics of the Eternal City to rise up and demand the canonical correction of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Our Appeal was published in the Roman edition of « Il Giornale », one of the more important conservative newspapers of Rome.

Per la versione italiana di questo annuncio, vai a

Our motive in doing this was purely, principally, formally and entirely ad maiorem gloriam Dei, that is, for the greater glory of God (the motto of St. Ignatius of Loyola), in which consists the salvation of the greater number of souls.  Principally out of supernatural charity for the soul of Jorge Mario Bergoglio on account of the very deep errors into which he has fallen on account of his monstrous pride.

As can be seen from our official English text of our Open Letter to the true Catholics of Rome, published here below, we have chosen to speak in the apocalyptic language of the Apostle St. Paul, our Patron, to make it clear to all Catholics the true theological vision which must be employed when considering the grave crisis into which the Cardinals have led the Church on account of what they did and failed to do during the Conclave of 2013.

We shave chosen this sharp apocalyptic and prophetic language because as it sometimes happens, when a soul falls into the most horrid errors and is attached to them with an unnatural loyalty, the only remedy left as a final medicine is a severe and sharp reprimand, reproval and remonstration.  To all Catholics who have knowledge of the errors of Bergoglio, but who have failed to call for his Canonical Correction — the last chance he may have to be saved and retain the office of the Supreme Pontificate — we direct our appeal to act! so as to avoid being stained by his same errors and sharing thus in the horrible and eternal destiny which awaits all enemies of Christ Jesus, the One Master of All and the Eternal Truth of God!

Here is the text of our advertisement, in our official English translation.

Open Letter to the true Catholics of Rome, calling for the Canonical Correction of Jorge Mario Bergoglio — Published on the Feast of St John Lateran, Nov. 9, 2017 A. D. (Official English version)

The cost of the Italian advertisement was borne entirely by the members of our Association world-wide. If you would like to make a donation so that we can republish the Open Letter at Rome and throughout Italy in local newspapers, please make a generous donation via PayPal by pressing the PayPal button at the top of the right column of this website. — Please be generous. We are willing to organize a lobbying effort of the Cardinals, but we cannot do it without you! Ask yourself, how much the salvation of all souls until the end of time is worth to you and to Jesus! — For the errors of Bergoglio are leading hundreds of millions of Catholics into the Church of the Anti-Christ!

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