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Donate to the Cause to Defend the Church from Bergoglio!

Our Association was born from the desire of Faithful Catholics, laymen and clergy, from more than 20 nations, to defend the Catholic Faith from the errors spread during the Synod on the Family in 2014.

Catholics are rightfully and gravely concerned about the words, teaching and actions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which anyone with the Catholic Faith can see are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sacred Tradition and the infallible Magisterium of the Church on many points which are clearly documented.

While Faithful Catholics may still disagree over the reasons why Bergoglio should be canonically removed from power,* we can agree that he should be so removed.

Our Association is dedicated to that end. Our position is that Bergoglio never was the pope simply because Pope Benedict XVI, whatever his intentions were, did not fulfill the requirements of Canon 332 §2 regarding what constitutes a valid papal resignation, and hence has remained the only true Pope in the sight of God and the Church, by that law itself of Pope John Paul II, in the Code of Canon Law. Since Christ promised to uphold in Heaven the laws established by His true Vicar on Earth, and since John Paul II was his true Vicar, and since canonically, a valid election or resignation of or by a pope is determined SOLELY on the basis of the conformity of those acts with the canons of the Church which existed prior to the election or resignation, our Association vindicates the rights of Pope Benedict, and therefore seeks his restoration. We also hold that Bergoglio never was the pope, since the Conclave of 2013 met in contradiction to Canon 359, which forbids the College of Cardinals to elect another pope so long as the present pope has not died or validly resigned. This is our position. You can see the supporting arguments and documentation at PPBXVI.org

Practically speaking, however, whether you agree with our position or not, IF YOU DO AGREE with us that Bergoglio is a public, manifest and pertinacious Heretic, or an Apostate, an Enemy of the Church and a destroyer of the Catholic Religion or morality or a defender of sexual perversion, then we ask you to SUPPORT our effort to have him canonically removed!

We are the only Association in the entire Church or world dedicated to this objective. Therefore we ask you to consider supporting our Holy Work.  We specifically ask you to stop supporting all who support Bergoglio and his false claim to power. We ask in particular, due to the IMMINENT DANGER TO HUMANITY and the CHURCH, that you redirect all the financial support you would give to Catholic organizations and all other Charitable or Humanitarian causes to the work of removing Bergoglio.  And we humbly suggest you support our Association as much as you can.

This effort will use only legal and religious means, as our Catholic  Faith teaches us. We are not a political association.

Press this button to donate!*

For more information on the cause of Pope Benedict, and why all Catholics must break with Bergoglio, see our posts here at the website and at ppbxvi.org



* Canonical procedures in the Catholic Church regard decisions made by Popes, Cardinals and Bishops who have authority to judge or rule. When lay organizations like our own seek to obtain canonical actions, we must do so by acts of private and public petitions, complaints and requests for redress or action. There is nothing directly laypeople can do to take canonical action in the Church. We must act as intercessors with the Sacred Hierarchy, who alone have the authority and right to act. But pleading with them is our right as Canon 212 teaches. Thus, our actions in this regard are exercises of our religious liberty and comply with the laws of most nations.

* (As our Association does not have a bank account yet, donations are being received for us by Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a US 501(c)(3) Non profit religious charity)




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