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The time has come to DEMAND a canonical reprimand!

Dear Members of Veri Catholici and all true Catholics the world over,

Following the letter of 62 Theologians, Scholars and Clergy publicly accusing the Pope of promoting 7 heresies against Divinely revealed truths — a letter which has received no private or public response in 6 weeks — the TIME HAS COME for us to DEMAND the Cardinals and Bishops of the Church to CANONICALLY reprove Bergoglio: giving him 3 chances to PUBLICLY withdraw his support of these 7 heresies and all other errors contained in AMORIS LAETITIA.

Let us make it quite clear to all Cardinals and Bishops that IF THEY DO NOT ACT they are guilty of a most grave sin of INFIDELITY to Jesus Christ and the Apostolic Office of care for His Church, and of SCANDAL in acting as if TRUTH was not the essential criterion of the Church!

Let us do this out of fraternal and filial charity for the Pope and all the Church, since by such a thrice fold public correction, he may yet save his soul from eternal damnation.

After 2 years of public and private prayers and criticism, which has brought forth no fruit of conversion, NOW IS THE TIME TO OBEY THE LORD JESUS and GOTO THE CHURCH AND DEMAND A PUBLIC REPRIMAND of the man who is Pope, so that if he prove himself a pertinacious heretic, the Sacred Hierarchy can declare publicly that he has deposed himself from the office of Roman Pontiff.

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