Sign the Petitions to the Pope and Bishops

Click the Links below to sign the petitions, read during our #ALConf Conference

Petition to Pope Francis

Petition to the Bishops


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5 responses to “Sign the Petitions to the Pope and Bishops

  1. George Fox

    The final confrontation has begun, but in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph! Truth will prevail.

  2. Mauricio Villrreal

    Confusion and Deception are tools from evil. Jesus came to give us clarity and certainty. “The Truth will set you free”
    It is awful to me to think that I am about to live through a schism of the church once more. Like if we haven’t had enough. And for what? For a man that was placed on San Peter’s chair that refuses to talk boldly and clear. God forgive me. Forgive us. Have mercy on us. I know that You are the builder of Your Church. I know that You are victorious. Yet, I am confused like many others. We need a voice like Jhon Paul II, Mother Theresa of Calcutta Saints of our times. We need Saints to guide the rest of us. The crippled the paralyzed of faith. Lord have Mercy

  3. James and Eleanora Rivera

    Defend Catholic truth with no compromises.

  4. Philip

    To all Catholics. It is time to defend the True Faith, The Gospol is the word of God .let us awake from our slumber and put on the armour of faith because our Faith and traditions are under threat not only from enemies out side the Church but also from within, with the Grace ofGod we shall prevail.

  5. Lilian Milla

    Defend Catholic Truth

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