Invitation to International Conference to condemn ‘Amoris Laetitia’

Sigillum associationis

Veri Catholici, an international association of Catholics dedicated to opposing the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper, is calling on all Catholics in the world to join us in Rome to condemn the document Amoris Laetitia and its many errors, and to demand from the Pope and Sacred Hierarchy that the document be withdrawn and its errors condemned, formally and canonically.

We desire this conference to be a universal manifestation of the true Sensus Fidelium of Christ’s Mystical Body. We believe it absolutely necessary to take this initiative for the good of Holy Mother Church and the salvation of souls.

If you would like to join this initiative, leave a comment below. In the coming days we will, announce further information, such as a rough date, and the organizations and speakers affiliating.

Authors who have critiqued ‘Amoris Laetitia’ and found it unsound and dangerous to the Faith and to the unity of the Church are invited to speak at the conference.  Please contact the coordinating committee at

The official Twitter Hashtage for this Conference is #ALConf

This conference will cost several thousand dollars, if you can help us out, make a donation using our PayPal link to the right of this page. Thanks.

NOTE WELL:  See the actual Conference Announcement which supersedes this invitation


Who is Veri Catholici?

We are an informal association of Catholics from around the world, who currently number 1350 members. You can become a member by following our webpage or liking us on FB. You can show your membership by displaying our official Logo on your blog or website or twitter header. We have no president or officers. We are truly a lay organization of sheep.

So who are we? We are nobodies, yes, but nobodies who have been adopted as children of the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Thankful and grateful, and zealous to remain such in the present crisis.

What format with the Conference have?

Most conferences have important or famous people speak, and one attends the conference to hear them and meet them in person. They are organized for many various reasons but have a temporal or earthly motive mixed in.

The Conference to condemn Amoris Laetitia and its errors is not like this. Any Baptized Catholic who sees any specific error or heresy, or blasphemy or problem in Amoris Laetitia and is present in person can speak,* as an adopted son of God — indeed there is no title more important in this world — the reason for attending and speaking is the same, to make an act of faith before the Pope and the Sacred Hierarchy and the whole world to counter the scandal of that document and to call the Pope and the Hierarchy reject its errors, to rescind it and to take a stand against it as a sign to the whole Catholic world that they are still catholic.

As laymen, it is our right to demand that our pastors be faithful, teach rightly and in times of grave scandal give by their words and actions a sign that they have not apostatized or separated from Christ Jesus.

Its not a conference to condemn persons, the formal canonical judgement of the Church on this document and on those responsible for it or who are now promoting it, pertains to the Sacred Hierarchy. We call for this, but as laymen we can do nothing more than that, giving our reasons why.

When are you going to announce the date of the Conference?

We are working on it. Over the weekend, you cannot contract space for a conference. We hope to be able to announce a date as of tomorrow, Monday, May 2. Pray to Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church for this intention!

As for the specific date, we are considering, June 25th, the Saturday before the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. We are suggesting this date since it is both timely and soon, as the scandal of ‘Amoris Laetitia’ is great and demands urgent action. Its is enough in advance to give everyone time to book a flight and hotel at Rome, if they come from other places.

If you see a problem in this date, please share your thoughts in the form of a comment below. Thanks!

* Obviously, if there are great numbers of faithful present, we will for the sake of time, have to limit each of them to small interventions regarding 1 specific error of their choice etc..


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58 responses to “Invitation to International Conference to condemn ‘Amoris Laetitia’

  1. I am very interested in attending the conference and submitting a talk. I wondered how the talks will be submitted to the Pope, or Vatican, once the conference is finished. Will they reach the clerics who need to read them?
    God bless and thank you.

    • The talks are submitted to our email. If you attend, they are read aloud during our conference. If you want them mailed to the Pope, when we mail the petition we can add them, as its no great cost. See our conference announcement for the guidelines…

  2. NOTE WELL: The information on this Invitation, has be superseded by the actual Conference announcement, which you can find here:

  3. There are many great thru doctrine of faith exposers but could not participate at the forum.. it is important you get in touch with them and ask them a pre recorded video to be casted at the forum…

    • We will offer a live video-conference option for those who cannot come to Rome. — But we are not going to record the event, because it is the petitions which will be signed there, which are the core of the conference. We will publish a transcript of the interventions, though.

  4. Please see our latest Post in English for the Formal Announcement of this Conference.

  5. What a great idea…I’m assuming it will be in Rome?
    If so you might consider dates before or after Summorum Pontificum. This fall will be the 5th anniversary pilgrimage. The dates: 10/27- 10/30.

    • We are considering June of 2016. The Fall would be much too late for a document so destructive of the Faith and of faith as this one.

      • I hold up June 4th for your prayerful consideration. We are having a large private prayer meeting in Sydney on this date. We are also expecting some interstate and New Zealand attendees. We will, of course, pray for this action to glorify God.

  6. Interesting idea, however, be extremely careful of saboteurs, among them, those in the traditional movement who aren’t terribly traditional in my estimation, but rather, seem to play both sides of the fence in order to keep their ‘apostolate’ afloat.
    If there is criticism and condemnation to be made it should be made to the ‘top’ person, not to bishops and cardinals. The old saying, “The fish rots from the head down” is appropriate. The only way to get noticed (because you WILL be ignored by Rome) is show up at their doorstep (literally) and ask for a shower and a shave under the colonnade.

    • The conference is to discuss and identify errors and call for their condemnation for the salvation of souls and the good of the Church. Let those who truly love the Triune God show themselves such at the meeting. Those who don’t are cordially invited not to attend. Thank you!

  7. Crusader

    Dutch translation of the announcement: (Nederlands:)

    Uitnodiging voor Internationale Conferentie om ‘Amoris Laetitia’ te veroordelen

    Veri Catholici, een internationale associatie van Katholieken toegewijd aan het zich verzetten tegen de ketterijen die door Kardinaal Kasper gepromoot worden, roept alle Katholieken in de wereld op om ons te vergezellen in Rome om het document Amoris Laetitia en z’n vele fouten te veroordelen, en van de paus en de Heilige Hiërarchie te eisen dat het document wordt teruggetrokken en z’n fouten formeel en canoniek worden veroordeeld.

    We verlangen dat deze conferentie een universele manifestatie wordt van het ware ‘Sensus Fidelium’ van het Mystiek Lichaam van Christus. We geloven dat het absoluut noodzakelijk is om dit initiatief te nemen, voor het goed van de heilige Moeder de Kerk, en de redding van de zielen.
    Als u graag zou willen deelnemen aan dit initiatief, laat hieronder een reactie achter. In de komende dagen zullen we verdere informatie verstrekken, zoals een ruwe datum, en de organisaties en de sprekers die zullen deelnemen.

    Auteurs die Amoris Laetitia bekritiseerd hebben en het ongepast en gevaarlijk vonden voor het geloof en de eenheid van de Kerk, worden uitgenodigd om te spreken in de conferentie. Gelieve het coördinerend comité te contacteren via

    De officiële twitter Hashtag voor deze conferentie is #ALConf

  8. Voice of the Family is doing an event to this effect next week: . You might advertise to them too.

  9. Deo Gratias!

    I will participate. Kindly forward all pertinent information!

  10. Could we gave something like a list / petition for people to sign in support of this appeal? I’m sure there will be many people who can’t go but would sign it with both hands and feet – me being one of them!
    God bless you

  11. ediegrey

    I live in the USA and cannot attend, but will be watching and praying. Thank you for doing this, it is sad we have no true shepherds any more, not one. But Our Lord said He would always be with us, nonetheless.

  12. RCA Victor

    “…the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper? Sorry, you’ve pegged the wrong man. Pope Francis is the one promoting errors and heresy; Kasper is just his front man.

    • We have not pegged the wrong man, we have named the one who first publicized them during the pontificate of John Paul II, and who first spoke of them in the Consistory of 2014.

      • VC Editors,

        I share the concerns of RCA Victor, and sincerely hope that you will not shy away from denouncing the grave errors being promoted by Pope Francis. He has certainly used Cardinal Kasper right from the get-go, after his election in 2013, to help prepare us for the shockers to come, but Kasper is the monkey and we need to send a message to the organ grinder, not the monkey.

        The buck for the disgraceful papal Exhortation stops at the desk of Papa Francis. I’m hoping against hope to be able to make it to your conference but only if I am certain of hearing the truth about AL which, as Father Lombardi emphasised at the live press conference, which I heard with my own ears, was written by Pope Francis, no-one else. Fr Lombardi stressed that fact, in answer to a question from the floor. So, there’s no question about it. Pope Francis is totally responsible for this document and he must retract it as a matter of urgency. As others with greater minds than mine (must be at least one!) have said, clarifications are no use. Too late for sticking plasters. He must withdraw the document and apologise for foisting his misleading through to heretical personal views on Holy Mother Church. Won’t happen. We refuse it. And THAT’S why so many (we hope) have come from all over the world to attend this conference.

        Let’s all stand now and sing “Faith of our Fathers”!

      • We do not understand where the doubt came from, that we do not recognize that Pope Francis is formally the author of the document, even if a staff wrote parts of it. But we rebuff the idea that the conference is to condemn a person, because “to condemn a person” is properly speaking a legal act of a tribunal or court, and obviously we claim no such jurisdiction. Also you must understand, that in Italian territory there is only so much one can do and say, on account of the Lateran Pact.

        What the conference is to be is a series of speakers explaining the errors, lies, blasphemies, heresies, deceits and patent strategem of the document attacking the Catholic Faith and Divine and Apostolic Tradition, not to mention immemorial ecclesiastical Tradition, and the Family as God has willed it. Following the series of speakers, resolutions to condemn the errors etc. and then a final votation to approve a petition to the Pope and Bishops that the document be rescinded, the errors denounced and formally anathematized etc., as this as a sign that they remain in communion with the Catholic Church and have not thrown in their lot with the enemies of Christ Jesus, for if that is the case, then the Catholic Faithful have the right to separate themselves and their families from them.

        Its the “age of the laity”, and in this way we can imitate the Saints of old, who acted similarly, though as members of the clergy they did this in Synods and Councils, a thing which we laymen cannot do.

      • Consider the testimony of Fr. Barthe, recently interviewed, namely that, the deceit of Amoris Laetitia was planned and executed in practice by Kasper for 40 years now, its not an invention of Bergoglio…

    • RCA Victor, asking to rescind AL pegs WHOM?

      • VC Editors,

        Nowhere in my comment have I suggested “condemning a person” …(very long praeter rem comment follows)

        VC Editor replies:

        We did not suggest you did, we only wanted to explain our position. And yes, these comments are moderated, because no commentator, especially one who leaves a 2-3 page comment, is the best judge of what should or should not be published on another’s website. Pax tibi!

  13. Thank you so very much and God bless you. You will be very much present in my prayers, particularly the Holy Rosary. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary protect us!

  14. Heloisa Hodierna

    This is a great idea. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to attend but might I suggest that you start a petition which those who can’t attend can sign, and which you could then take with you and deliver? It would add a lot more ‘protesters’ to the campaign.

    • We will look into the possibilities of video-casting the event, and allowing followers on FB and Twitter and those on the web to sign or countersign each proposal of the Conference, to add their voices and names to the petition to condemn the errors contained in the document, to rescind the document and to remonstrate with the authors and the Pope that they personally renounced these errors for the salvation of their own souls.

  15. Christina M

    Thank you for starting this initiative for the laity to get involved in shining the light of truth on the darkness of this pontificate and the truly awful and heretical Amoris Laetitia. May God bless you for your efforts.

  16. I live in Australia. I can’t afford to come over. What can I do to help?

  17. thank you for defending the truth when others don’t …I can make the french translation if you wish

    Isabelle Le Rouge

  18. marykpkj

    I will be happy to join you in any way I can. I speak Spanish and French fairly well, and I can ask people in my chapel to (anonymously) assist me if I have a bit of notice. Please count me in!

    Mary K Jones

  19. I believe this is truly needed. I will keep you in prayer that all works out for the Glory of God. Caroline

  20. You may be able to get assistance from the Remnant Newspaper in organising the conference, etc.

    • Elizabeth

      I had the same thought. Contact Michael Matt and Chris Ferrera at The Remnant.

      • We do not have their emails, but we have tweeted The Remnant. If you do, ask them for us, at least a blurb to get others prepared for the announcement of time and place and details.

  21. Thank you for your efforts to remain true to God and His Holy Faith, and to work for the salvation of souls and the return to truth and holiness in the Church. It is awful but necessary that the lay Faithful act without the direct leadership of even some of the apostles’ successors. I could never have imagined that the Great Apostasy would be so great in its evil or in the numbers of bishops, priests, religious and lay, actively or passively involved. Lord, have mercy.

  22. God bless you!! I will be unable to attend but I will be praying very, very hard for this cause. Hopefully I can donate also. Thank you!

  23. kbippus

    I would like to join, unfortunately I do not have the time nor resources to travel to Rome. Will there be other ways that lay people who need to stay home can contribute?

    • Ways you can help.

      1) Spread the news on blogs, fora, etc., FB and twitter, instagram etc.

      2) Make a donation to help us pay the expenses: see the PayPal button on the right column of our blog.

      3) if you are a fluent or native speaker of any of the other languages you see named at the top of our blog, please send us, here in the comments, a translation of this annoucement, so we can spread the word worldwide. Thanks.

      We will also see if we can live broadcast the speakers via video conferencing, so that anyone in the world can watch. We will keep you informed via our website. Look for updates every few days. We should, within a week or so, be able to announce a rough date for the conference.

    • We are working on it. We should be able to announce the date in about a week.

      • Please avoid Saturday, 18th June – there is a Catholic Truth conference in Scotland on that day and many people who might attend yours, are already booked for that.

        Brilliant initiative.

      • Thanks for the heads up! That’s very charitable of you!

        If you could give our Conference a link on your blog, it would be much appreciated!

  24. I believe that what you are doing is of tremendous value to the Church, and I pray that you will gain many supporters who prefer the Doctrines of Christ’s TRUE Gospel to the errors of the present Hierarchy.

    God Bless you Sir.

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